Chris Dancy: Mindful Cyborg on his gadgets, biohacking and Quantified Self movement

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Chris Dancy is touted as the most connected man on Earth and a ‘mindful cyborg’.

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0:00 - Intro
0:36 - My new project
2:11 - Who's Chris Dansy?
4:00 - What kind of data does Chris collect?
6:23 - Chiromancy on the phone
9:36 - Chris measures over 700 indicators
13:27 - What does it mean to be a conscious cyborg?
16:38 - Chris' Gadgets
19:21 - Mustreader measures his performance
23:57 - Mustreader measures brain waves
28:42 - Contest
29:25 - The gadgets are manipulating us
30:37 - Technology makes the world a better place
33:00 - What will the new Internet be like?
38:00 - Why measure everything around you?
43:41 - Why watch your movements?
45:31 - How do you control your sleep?
49:18 - About biohacking
50:13 - Communicating with a deceased relative through a special program is normal
52:46 - Technology and Love
56:18 - The best books by Chris

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