Connect Old Apple Watch to new iPhone 12 Pro Max 2021

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Looking for a way to #connectoldAppleWatch (Series 6, 5,4, 3, SE) to your new iPhone 12 Pro Max (iOS 14), But it is already connected to your Old iPhone? In this video we will show you how you can #unpairAppleWatch from Old iPhone and connect Apple Watch (WatchOS 7) to new #iPhone12ProMax.

Reset Apple Watch from old iPhone:

If you want to use your existing Apple watch to pair with new iPhone 12 Pro Max you need to reset your Apple Watch from Old iPhone and Pair it with new iPhone. Let's check out the way you can reset Apple Watch from old iPhone

• Go to ‘Settings’
• Go to ‘General’
• Tap ‘Reset’
• Tap ‘Erase All Contents and Settings’
• Enter your Passcode
• Tap ‘Erase All’
• Give it some time to reset
• It will Unpair the Apple Watch from the old iPhone

Set up Apple Watch from backup:

Now to setup the Watch

• When you unlock both iPhone and Apple Watch, you will get a pop up window in iPhone, Tap ‘Continue’ (if you don’t get the popup, you can go to the Apple watch App on iPhone and Tap Start Pairing)
• Tap ‘Set up for Myself’
• Hold the iPhone Camera on top of the animation in Apple Watch, Make sure it is in the View finder
• Pairing process will start,
• Tap ‘Set up as new Apple Watch’ in the iPhone
• Select which wrist you would be wearing your Apple Watch
• Agree to their Teams and Conditions
• Enter you Apple ID and Password
• Select if you want to ‘Enable or Disable Route Tracking’
• Select if you want to use Siri or not
• Select if you want to make the text size larger or make it bold
• Tap ‘Create a Passcode’
• Create and Verify the Passcode
• Select if you want to use Blodd oxygen meter or not
• Tap ‘Continue’
• Select 'Apple Pay' Option
• Tap ‘Continue’
• Tap ‘Continue’
• You could Install all Apps or Choose Later
• Wait for a bit for the Apple watch to be ready. It might take a bit of time
• You will get a Pop up message when its done in the iPhone
• Tap 'OK'
• You will also get a massage in the Apple watch when its ready
• Press the Digital Crown and start working with it

And this is the way you can unpair your Apple Watch and pair it with new iPhone 12 Pro Max.

That’s it for now. If you have any query on the topic, let us know in the comment box. Subscribe to our channel for tips and tricks for Apple devices.

Thank you

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