Galaxy S24/S24+/Ultra: How To Enable/Disable "Circle To Search" [AI Feature]

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Don’t know how to enable and use the brand new ‘Circle To Search’ AI Feature on your Samsung Galaxy S24/S24+/S24 Ultra? Using 'Circle to Search' you can find information about anything while browsing social media, messages, articles, or any videos with a simple twirl of your finger or S Pen, want to know how to turn it on? Well, you have come to the right video.

In this video, The Fix369 Team will show you the 2 steps you need to follow to Turn ON and use the ‘Circle to Search’ AI Feature in the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra or Plus. We will show you how to effectively get information about any object on pictures, webpages, on camera, and even from a running video with Circle to Search on Samsung Galaxy S24 Series phones.

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0:00 Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra/Plus Circle to Search
0:19 Step 1: Enable Circle to Search
0:29 Step 2: Use Circle to Search
0:50 Please Note
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