Galaxy S5: 7 Steps to SPEED UP & Fix Lag Issues

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Doing these 7 steps will not only increase the speed of your Samsung Galaxy S5 but also increase battery life.

7 Steps:
1- Disable or uninstall unused apps. Also if your phone is experiencing major lag issues the most likely culprit is an app. Start uninstalling apps one by one until you narrow down the problem. Ive had an issue where my camera shutter would take a few seconds to finally snap. The issues was an app called GoLight. hit apps, then 3 dots, unable/disable apps.
2- Get rid of bubble pattern lock screen- go to settings, lock screen, Unlock effect popping colors, click on NONE
3- Get rid of transition effects- go to somewhere blank on home screen and hold down in a blank area until a menus pop on on the bottom, click home screen settings, transition effect, NONE
4- Remove 3 of the animation scales: go to settings, then about device, then click on "build number" 7 times to enabled developer options, then click back button, click on developer options on each of the 3 scales below set the animation to OFF (or .5x).
-windows animation scale
-transition animation scale
-animator duration scale
5- Disable S-Voice: double click on your home button; Go through the steps to activate it if you never done so. No while S-Voice is on click on the three dots, settings, uncheck "open via home key". You can use GoogleNow instead of S-Voice. Hold down home button to open Google Voice.
6- Unsync all Google/Email stuff not needed. Go to settings, accounts, google- uncheck what you dont use like app data, calander, drive, newstand, etc
7- Install app called Clean Master and set frequency to daily to automatically clear your junk files and cache.

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