How to Factory Reset and Troubleshoot JBL Charge 3 & 4 Audio Bluetooth Speakers

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This video illustrates how to restore and troubleshoot your JBL Charge 3 & 4 Bluetooth Charge speaker to their default factory settings if perchance you are experiencing glitches or issues with connectivity. This video walks you step by step through how to factory reset the JBL Charge 3 & 4 Bluetooth speaker.

There are a finite myriad good reasons to want to restore your JBL Flip 3 & 4 Bluetooth speaker to its default factory settings. ie. Unpair a connected user who you don't want to be paired any longer with or perhaps you are poised or balanced to sell it or trade off. Or, maybe you are experiencing glitches with connectivity on your device and you just want to start with flush on a clean slate to rectify the connectivity issue. Irrespective of your reason, the JBL 3 & 4 Bluetooth speaker can be restored to its original factory settings with seconds or a few minutes.

Steps to factory reset the JBL 3 & 4 Charge Bluetooth speaker.

Step 1. Turn the JBL 3 & 4 speaker power button on. The device is on when the Power button has a LED backlight is lit.

Step 2:
For Charge 3: Hold both the "Volume Up" and "Play" buttons down until the device turns off by itself.
For Charge 4: Hold both the "Volume Up" and "Bluetooth" buttons down until the device turns off by itself.
You can tell the device has powered down when you hear the standard power down sound. At this juncture or point, you have successfully reset the JBL Charge 3 & 4 to its factory default settings.

Step 3. Press the "Power" button once again to power the Bluetooth speaker back on. The device will automatically be in discovery mode, noticeable by the pinging sound it emits or gives out shortly after you turn it on in readiness to pair with devices indicated by the blinking of the backlight underneath the Power button. Pairing at this point begins on a clean slate as there are no devices paired with your JBL 3 & 4 Charge speaker after a factory reset, and you'll need to either pair an old or a new device with it (Wireless) or connect a device to it using a Aux Jack Audio cable for it to play any audio (Wired).

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