JOB LOT 17: Apple Madness - $40 for 6 Devices from E-Waste! How will it all go?

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*Warning - the usual rambling and swearing is featured in the video!
Also I complain a lot in this one also, hope it's not too bad.

Greetings and welcome to another installment in my job lot series! This is very simple - I tinker around with various phones and stuff and you just get to chill with me while I do that. That's pretty much all there is to it.

People love to have these on in the background so the video quality doesn't have to be top notch but if you do choose to watch through it then you may see some iffy quality. Most of the time the repairs aren't really being shown in frame and the lighting is just stuff I found at ewaste and stuck to my desk. If it looks ok then let me know.

This originally went for 8hrs22m with raw footage that I cut down to 2hrs24m.
I decided to not go completely ham with editing. Just edited out minor bits here and there so it's a lot less jumpy if that makes sense. It is still jumpy but not as disruptive as ones I have done in the past.

Folks always request Job Lots and I have delivered.

$40 for 6 devices. We have an iPhone XS, iPhone 6S, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPod Touch & a Samsung Galaxy Note 2.
How well will I go repairing them? How many will have iCloud? Will they even work?
Sit back and enjoy the Apple Madness!

Job Lot 17 Introduction: 0:00
The Devices & what works and what doesn't work: 2:06
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Test: 9:15
iPod Touch Test, Flashing, iPhone 5 Test etc: 11:29
iPhone 5C Testing & Swapping Parts Around: 15:00
iPod Touch Flashing Results: 23:21
iPhone 5S Preparing to Flash & General Rambling: 24:45
Starting to work on the iPhone 6S & iPhone 5C Results: 26:52
iPhone 6S Swapping Parts Around: 30:14
iPhone 5S Flashing Results: 34:20
Continuing on with the iPhone 6S & Preparing to Flash: 35:27
iPod Touch Plans, iPhone 6S Flashing Results & More Rambling: 38:47
iPhone XS Testing, Back to the iPod Touch & XS Firmware Flash: 45:01
Back to iPhone 6S Parts Swapping: 51:28
iPhone XS Flashing Results: 1:02:59
iPhone 6S Madness: 1:04:44
Dinner Break & what to do next: 1:29:32
Finishing up with the iPhone XS & First Parts Box: 1:31:35
iPhone 5C Parts Swapping & Second Parts Box: 1:36:40
Finishing the iPhone 6S & Rambling about Australia 3G Shutdown etc: 1:47:46
iPod Touch Teardown & Parts Swapping: 2:00:03
The Ultimate iPod Touch Mad Hax: 2:07:14
Final Results of the Job Lot: 2:18:57
A very long winded outro: 2:22:16

Be good people!
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*All images used in the video belong to their rightful owners but are used under fair use/demonstration.
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