Samsung Galaxy M40 Review: After 1 month of use!

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Find about the Samsung Galaxy M40 display, fingerprint, battery life, gaming test, speakers test, price, and more of its features & specs in this Samsung Galaxy M40 review.
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Before I start blabbering out the Samsung Galaxy M40 specs, here is the price of the device in various countries.
Samsung Galaxy M40 Price in Nepal: Rs. 36,190
Samsung Galaxy M40 Price in India: INR 19,990
Samsung Galaxy M40 Price in Pakistan: PKR 45,190
Samsung Galaxy M40 Price in Bangladesh: Tk 24,490

If you get the idea regarding the price of the Galaxy M40, let’s now talk about the Samsung Galaxy M40 features. The handset comes with a 6.3-inch display surrounded by a narrow bezel on the chin. But unlike the Galaxy A30 & A40, Samsung Galaxy M40 display uses PLS TFT screen. It’s a better version of the IPS LCD display. And if you compare the display on the Samsung Galaxy M40 vs Redmi Note 7 Pro, the Galaxy device easily surpasses the Redmi phone with its brightness, vibrancy and color accuracy. But don’t expect a similar result on Samsung Galaxy M40 vs A50 display comparison. The Super AMOLED display on the A50 is better because of the deeper blacks and punchier colors.

Another thing to note here that, unlike the Galaxy M10, M20 & M30, M40 comes with a punched-hole display. There is a minuscule hole on the top left part of the screen, which houses the selfie camera. And talking about the Samsung Galaxy M40 front camera, the selfie snapper employs a 16MP shooter. However, on the back, you will find three cameras, stacked in a vertical configuration. During our Samsung galaxy M40 camera review, we found it to be really great. It was even better than the Galaxy A50 and A70. So there is that. You can also install, Gcam on the device. And using the Samsung Galaxy M40 GCam (Google Camera) app, you will get some amazing shots with punchier details and saturated colors.

On the design front, there is the same glasstic back, which was used extensively on its A-series devices. With the glasstic back, the device feels relatively light and also rests comfortably on the hand. So during my Samsung Galaxy M40 full review, I was fully satisfied with its form factor.

On to the performance front, there is the Snapdragon 675 processor with 6GB of RAM. With SD675 at the helm, Samsung Galaxy M40 gameplay was absolutely smooth. My Samsung Galaxy M40 PUBG experience was a delightful one as the handset was capable of handling the game at high setting without any lags and stutters. As far as the power is concerned, a decent-sized 3500mAh battery keeps the device running. Since 3500mAh battery doesn’t sound so exciting these days, we performed Samsung Galaxy M40 battery test nonetheless. And on the test, the device provided us around 6-7 hours of screen on time.
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