Samsung Galaxy S21+ VS OnePlus 9 Pro - IT HAPPENED!

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I think no company has won more of my comparisons than OnePlus. It's really not that difficult for any phone that defied the establishment so aggressively. It would almost be ridiculous for me to sit here and tell you to buy a Galaxy S9+ for nearly double the price of a OnePlus 6 for example. And sure, we’ve known that every Galaxy has had extra perks that each OnePlus didn't, but these were never worth double the price.

For the better part of a decade, recommending OnePlus to my friends and family has always been a no-brainer. They weren't the best phones, but they were too good for the price.. So I'm sure you can imagine why this comparison for me is so conflicting. What happens at the crossroads of this premise, when the price can no longer save you? It either means your product has grown up to truly compete against the big kids, or that you've lost a bit of touch with what the market wants.

On one corner we have the OnePlus 9 Pro, which the company calls your best Shot as part of a very bold marketing campaign. On the other we have the Galaxy S21+, what Samsung calls the Every Day Epic, and proof of part of this conflict. See, before I would've done this comparison against the Ultra or a Note, but given how these two phones are now priced nearly the same, let's just say I did my best to make this debate as fair as possible. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow, and let's see which phone is better, sponsored by Skillshare.


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