Samsung Galaxy S5 Camera Review- IN ACTION

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Galaxy S5 Camera Review - HD

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We did an Galaxy S5 camera test in one of the rafting locations in India and following are our thoughts.

The entire review of the Galaxy S5 camera is shot using the Galaxy S5 and nothing else under Full HD video recording settings. So I highly recommend that you watch this video in full quality to truly see what the S5 camera is capable of.

The S5 features a 16 MP ISOCELL camera which as compared to the Galaxy S4's 13 MP camera is much better in terms of picture quality, details of the picture and the speed with which pictures are clicked.

There are also a couple of UI changes when it comes to the software of the S5 camera.

Speaking of detail, the S5's camera can really take some great shots. It captures great detail especially is the lighting is good. And as you can see in all the sample pictures in the video, that the pictures are extremely crisp and sharp, high in detail, rich in color and quite natural to look at. They were all shot in auto mode with no special adjustment whatsoever.

If you wish to apply some filters and color effects, there are a bunch of them available for you to apply and even download. Readily available in the camera app of the S5 are vintage, vignette, sepia, oil pastel, black and white and turquoise. You can download more as well.

The S5 camera also has a really fabulous auto focus capability. So while recording a video if you were to go very close to an object, the camera would automatically macro focus and give you a beautiful picture of the subject with a diffused background. It's really quick and most of it is automatic. Though you can always manually tap to focus.

The Galaxy S5 also features a new selective focus feature wherein you can make an object stand out or make the background stand out. Simply enable the selective focus mode and go close to click a picture. Then you can edit the photo later and decide what part you want to be in focus and what should be blurred.

The video also highlights difference between pictures shot using the S4 and the S5 camera. You'd notice that the S5 pictures are slightly brighter and have a tad bit better color reproduction as well. The ISOCELL technology definitely makes a difference though the difference may be less pronounced in these pictures. But let's not forget that the S5 can take UHD videos and pictures with high resolution of 16 MP.

The shutter is extremely quick. You can take pictures in a span of 0.3 seconds which is very fast and you would almost never miss a moment. However, there are chances that you would get a blurred picture because the 0.3second shot does not necessarily auto focus. The camera takes a shot irrespective of the focus status of the lens.
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