Samsung S24 Ultra - Photo and Video Tested. Say Bye to a Pro Camera!

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Welcome to the Samsung S24 Ultra vs Pro Camera Setup. This is my S24 Ultra Epic Camera Review and Comparison!

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This video is a comprehensive deep-dive into the camera capabilities of the Samsung S24 Ultra, which is put against a professional Sony setup worth over $5000! With a focus on Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra 5x Telephoto Zoom Lens Photo and Video Capabilities!

00:00 Samsung S24 Ultra Camera Photo and Video Capabilities
00:25 Samsung S24 Ultra Camera Updates. What's New?
01:09 Samsung S24 Ultra Anti Reflective Display
01:31 Samsung S24 Ultra No More 10x Zoom...
02:08 S24 Ultra 5x Telephoto Zoom Lens vs Pro Camera Test and Comparison
03:09 Samsung S24 Ultra Crazy Zoom Capabilities!
03:53 Samsung S24 Ultra Photography: Expert Raw Mode
04:52 Samsung S24 Ultra Raw vs Sony Pro Camera Photography
05:44 Samsung S24 Ultra Street Photography
06:39 Samsung S24 Ultra Optical Zoom vs Digital
07:45 Samsung S24 Ultra 8k Video Test and Comparison
09:09 Samsung S24 Ultra Confusing Video Mode
09:51 S24 Ultra Video Quality Preview Problem
11:34 Samsung S24 Ultra Important Camera Settings
12:27 Samsung S24 Ultra Improvement Suggestions
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