The Truth About 5G On The iPhone 12 - T-Mobile 5G Speed Test

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Are you wondering how fast 5G speeds compare to 4G LTE?

Well in this video I’m going to be breaking down the truth about the iPhone 12 5G speeds and connectivity.

With the new iPhone 12 release and 5G rolling out now all over the country I figured it was time to test out the actual speeds of 5G data connection.

So the new iPhone 12’s were just released and they come with this sensor on the side which is actually a 5G antenna window to receive better signal, but just how good is the actual 5G coverage? and how fast is it in the real world?

This is a T-Mobile 5G speed test on the iPhone 12 Pro vs 4G LTE Speed test on the iPhone 11 Pro in different locations. I ran speed tests at my home, at my office, at a local car dealership and right next to a 5G tower. And the results were a bit disappointing.

So to start off let me say that I was amazed that 4G LTE speeds were faster in most areas unless there was a 5G tower right next to me. Initially I thought that the 5G speeds would be faster everywhere but from my speed test results that was not the case.

You see the there are 2 frequency bands for 5G connection .one is mmWave technology which is the ultra fast 5G that everyone is talking about and advertising. Which ranges from 24 GHz to 100 GHz and then their is the sub 6 GHz 5G which is the slower 5G connection because the wave frequency travels at slower speeds. aside from speed the other major difference between the two is that the ultra fast mmWave 5G can only travel a very short distance only about a blocks distance. that’s why so many 5G towers are being built in major cities to be able to operate on the fast mmWave 5G. On the other hand the slower sub 6 GHz 5G can travel farther distances just like 4G and LTE.

The other thing is that mmWave 5G can get easily obstructed by walls, trees, doos windows etc. While sub 6 GHz can travel easier through all these elements.

So to break it all down unless you live or work right next to a 5G tower you are most likely going to receive 4G LTE speeds even though your new iPhone shows 5G connectivity at the top. At least until more 5G towers are built.

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